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Magic Kingdom indeed

An adult, putting their job in question, just to make the world seem a bit less scary to a little girl.




OhMiBod’s Lovelife line as seen through the Constance & Eric lens.

Recently we had the opportunity to shoot OhMiBod’s Lovelife line again but this time, in the style that is uniquely Constance & Eric.
Here is the entire collection:








Check out OhMiBod’s Lovelife line of couples toys if you want quality made, body safe products created by one of the most sex positive companies in the market today.


Constance & Eric


Let’s talk about SEX ;)

This Thursday at 8:00 pm, in NYC, our two delightful friends will be having another installment of “Sex Talk with Kenyon and Chris” titled, “Sex Failures” at. The venue is 267 W17th Street, NY, NY at Katonah Studio.

They have a fantastic way of weaving profound social, sex positive messages in personal, humoro
us, & sometimes crude conversation. On the surface they may be dismissed as just two “dudes” talking dirty but when you really hear them, you realize that theirs is a vital message delivered in a language usually reserved for superficial exchanges. Their show is intentionally casual and funny and they present themselves somewhat comedically as if knowing that once the initial nervous laughter has been taken care of, true openness soon follows.
Here is our favorite pictures we ever took of them.

To us, these portraits peek behind the stage presence that is Kenyon and Chris and speaks directly to the intelligent gentlemen behind the disarming presentation of such an important topic. If you have the time, RSVP to
and check out these two naughty nice guys in person, you will not be disappointed.


Constance & Eric


For the Quixi Festival in China, sometimes referred to as the Chinese Valentine’s Day, some fruit vendors have come up with a cheeky way of dressing up their wares.
We present to you “ripe fruit”, their official name but we affectionately refer to them as Panty Peaches.

The peaches are from Yangshan, in Wuxi, which is an area know for it’s peaches and textile / lingerie industry, we oh so love a good cross promotion.

So far the response has been largely positive with the 498 yuan (US$80) boxes of nine flying off the shelves faster than they can replace them.

Each peach is dressed by hand and the race to get a patent is officially on with several imitators starting to enter the Panty Peaches market to claim their small part of the fruit lingerie fortune.


Constance & Eric


It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Indications abound that the next global generation coming up prefers to focus more on what is inside a person rather than their exterior. A young British art student by the name of Eleanor Beth Haswell has taken a literal approach to this with her anatomical lingerie.

This unique art piece shows a view of what is underneath the skin, of what is being covered, in a manner generally reserved for medical books. There is a wonderful sense of honesty when viewing these, as if the wearer, perhaps unhappy with societal requirements to cover up, sarcastically takes off more than if she were to be naked!
You can almost hear the her thinking, fine, if you don’t want to see skin, I’ll take that off too.

Beyond that, Eleanor manages to create a feeling of subtle juxtaposition between the universal nature of general human anatomy, and the specific anatomy that makes up a female. She creates an important reminder that gender differences are not based on values that society imparts, rather simply, a specific set of organs.

Go over to Eleanor Beth Haswell’s page, check out some of her other work and most important, be certain to remember her name, we suspect this won’t be the last time you hear it.


Constance & Eric


#88dates, dates 1-22 


I told you that Ryan and I began a dating challenge to go on 88 different dates between Memorial Day and New Year’s Eve. We set out to challenge our own dating repertoire, teach the internet about the fun of dating, breathe some positivity into a ugly world, and model healthy masculinity,…

This is wonderful on so many levels :)

Standing room only.

A Chinese hospital in Nanjing, capital of Jiangsu Province, has introduced a new machine that makes sperm donation even easier- an automatic sperm extractor.

The effortless machine features a massage pipe that can be adjusted to suit the height of the user. All the gentleman has to do is plug in the frequency, amplitude and temperature and off they go. It’s also fitted with a small screen with headphones for those feeling uninspired.

According to the director of the urology department of the hospital, the machine is designed to help individuals that are finding it difficult to retrieve sperm the old fashioned way.
Here’s to technology.

Here is a video of the…ummm…unit in question.

(This story originally appears on iflscience.com)


Constance & Eric


Another photography duo’s “Raunchy Rorschachs”.

Our abstract work has always served as an Ink Blot Test in the way it engages the viewer to create their own narrative and details surrounding the image.
Amsterdam-based photographers Blommers and Niels Schumm achieve this through even more abstract means by presenting the viewer with still life images to be inevitably interpreted as something naughty.

As a creator, there is nothing better than “implicating” a viewer through their own engagement of your work.


Constance & Eric


Come see us at Bushwick Open Studios this weekend!

We are so excited to be in Brooklyn’s Bushwick Open Studios, Saturday May 31st & Sunday June 1st, from noon to 7:00PM at 1717 Troutman Street Studio # 260.

Our good friend and general life inspiration, Rodney Allen Trice of Refitting The Planet has been kind enough to give us a wall to hang on in his magical studio.
The work this man puts out and the mission he is on is nothing short of remarkable and no one who meets him soon forgets the encounter.

1717 Troutman is a block long artist dominated building that is a vital organ in the Bushwick art community which many consider the be the epicenter of America’s modern art scene.
It bursts to life during B.O.S. with virtually every door open and a range of art that will leave you dizzy.
In fact, if you need a break, make sure to pop out onto the roof deck (which is right near us) for a seat and the most spectacular view of Manhattan.

Our work will be up all weekend but due to a shoot on Saturday, we will only be there Sunday however, don;t let that discourage you from visiting whenever you can as it is one of those events that will profoundly affect your sense of art and style, plus, it’s a pretty fun party on top of all that ;)


Constance & Eric


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